That is a guided meditation, intended for novices, but it’s also effective for those who know how to do meditation at home.

It’s ideal to ask somebody with a serene and friendly voice to read to you the steps in mediation and then follow the instructions precisely.

Guided meditation can bring you to some peace you might not have known in your life before, and being in that calmness, whatever you do, whatever you desire, and everything you are is potential.


You must perform the pre-meditation prep as outlined in part one of the report.

When that is achieved and you’re in a quiet location and incredibly comfortable position (sitting, not placing, as though you lay down, you will shortly fall into sleep), you’re all set to start.

Ask the man to start studying today.

After the reader/guider sees the emblem they ought to pause for a minute as you accomplish what it is you’re requested to do.

The symbol suggests the meditation is over and the reader could now stop.

The Guided Meditation

With you eyes shut, start now taking a couple of deep breaths, holding them for an instant, then slowly piled them.

Now start inhaling through your nose to a count of 5 (reader count to five), hold to a count of five (reader count to five), and then move to a count of five (reader count to five). This must be performed 5 times.

Now begin imagining your own breath.

Watch the new energetic air coming from your nose, and also going deep in your lungs.

Envision the spent air, changing places with the newest air, and watch that the spent air leaving the human system back in the atmosphere.

See the air coming in changing and going out. If other ideas come to you, about anything else, then chase them away, all you’re going to consider, and also to see emotionally is your incoming and outgoing air.