Colloidal silver is a colloid made by colloidal silver manufacturer from high purity (.999) silver nanoparticles which measure between 5 nm and 100 nm and are suspended in water. The silver nanoparticles stay suspended diffracting light so that the entire solution will require on a specific color and keep that way. The color it acquires changes from light amber to cherry such as under room light to an extreme orange once the light is shined right behind it. The nanoparticles of silver measure between 5 nm and 20 nm, making sure their security and preventing Argyria and silver toxicity, known side effects of silver, even if large amounts are used.


The size is also quite important. Colloidal particles in dimension are safe for people, animals and other multicellular creatures. The dimensions for colloidal particles of silver ranges between 5 nm to 100 nm. When the particles are smaller than 5 nm subsequently the solution behaves like a molecular suspension also it’s deemed toxic. On the flip side, if the vast majority of the particles are bigger than 100nm, they may be deposited as a thick metal in the entire body, resulting in a condition called argyria (a state where silver has been deposited as a thick metal and can lead to a permanent discoloration). In any instance, too little or too big, the outcomes are undesirable.


The particles of silver measure between 5 nm and 100 nm. Colloidal particles are midsize in proportion, nm stands for nanometer. If unsure you can always utilize the Tyndall Impact Evaluation to find out how colloidal any silver alternative is by assessing the degree of the Tyndall effect as well as the ppm of these solutions.

Silver ions are formed as nanoparticles of silver eventually become billed. An ion is described as follows: An atom or group of atoms that has lost a couple of electrons, which makes it positively charged (a cation), or gained one or more electrons, which makes it negatively charged (an anion). To put it differently, a nanoparticle is a set of atoms, also it that the nanoparticle is billed then it’s an ion. Colloidal silver nanoparticles possess an electrical charge differently they wouldn’t remain frozen; therefore colloidal silver is an ionic solution.